Winery at Kato Sholari, Thessaloniki.

Our winery is housed in a private building of 2,000 square meters. The ever-growing demands of the wine market today, has increased respectively the current capacity of 3.000.000 liters. For that reason, we are continuously being equipped with new tanks as well as with the latest equipment in order to ensure proper storage, cooling and vinification for our products.

Factory in Lakkoma, Halkidiki.

In 2013 the super modern bottling plant of 5.000 square meters launched at Lakkoma in Halkidiki. The company has invested in experienced and skilled personnel, as well as in the latest equipment in order to achieve best and quick customer support. At the same time, a fully equipped laboratory, where tests are being performed on a daily basis, is functioning in order to ensure that the final products meet the international standards and the market’s demands.